Broadcast to
nearby phones

Use your phone as a microphone and the phones of your audience as speakers.

No microphone system?
No problem.

SoundBird allows you to broadcast your voice to an unlimited number of iphones with the app.

This is one of the few apps of its kind that actually works as described. Seems well thought out. Looking forward to more features.

- bitbrain

Listen to broadcasts for free!
No time limit for listeners.

SoundBird aims to be the voice of the people. Use it at an outdoor event, in a large room, to guide a tour, at a large gathering like a party, or any situation where there is an audience with smartphones.

So many uses! As a teacher and a travel group leader, this is godsend. It makes communicating so much easier.


How does SOUNDBIRD work?

First, everyone connects to the internet and downloads the app.

To broadcast your voice:

To listen to a broadcast:

Download the app for FREE!

*The free version of the app can broadcast to 5 listeners

For only

  • You will get unlimited broadcasting!

Amplify your voice with SoundBird

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